Our Requirements

What You Will Need Before Your Arrival

We require that pet owners provide us with a veterinary record showing current vaccinations. These requirements help ensure the safety of your pet, our staff and the other animals under our care.

Required Vaccinations


  • DHLPP (distemper combo)
  • Bordetella (preventative against K-9 cough)
  • Rabies
  • Canine Influenza, if avaiable


  • FVRCP (distemper combo)
  • Rabies

We maintain these records in our system and request that you update our records when your pet is vaccinated. Have your vet fax these records to us. You should call us to confirm that all updated information is received by us.

Client Information

Please fill out the client information sheet before your arrival. Please submit it to us before your arrival or at time of registration.